Meet Aleksandra Georgieva from Roma Standing Conference in Bulgaria

by Emil Metodiev

Aleksandra Georgieva is from Razlog, a town in the Blagoevgrad Province of southwestern Bulgaria. She is 22 years old and has recently obtained a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. She has been part of the Roma Standing Conference movement since 2019. 

“I am a proud Roma, because if we talk on a personal level, I never give up easily when I set a goal. I am proud to have a family that supports me and is always behind me. As far as our community is concerned, I am proud that in recent years there has been an extremely large number of young Roma who have completed higher education, and this is a wonderful fact.“

Initially, it was not Aleksandra’s intention to join the movement but now, she is part of the Grassroots team in Roma Standing Conference.

“I joined Roma Standing Conference about two and a half years ago, and I take my story with the movement quite emotionally. I joined by accident, so to speak; I was part of the local team as a volunteer. After a few months, I became the leader of the local group in Razlog. Then, along with Miglena Mihailova, I became the regional coordinator of the local teams in the district, and I am currently part of the national team of the movement. I can safely say that I am an example of how the movement enables people who want to work for the community to develop.”

“I believe in positive change, I believe in prosperity and development, and I know that this positive change can only be achieved through hard work. I am glad to be among the people who have the opportunity not only to talk about change, but also to work for it.”

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Roma Standing Conference

founded: 8 April 2017

mission: The Roma Standing Conference is a civic movement comprising Roma, pro-Roma activists and organizations from all over the country, working for social justice and the prosperity of the Roma community. We act with purpose, striving to implement politics and policies for the benefit of our Roma community.




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