Who we are

The Proud Roma Free Europe campaign is run by a coalition of international, national and grassroots Romani campaign organisations across Europe listed below. It has a Romani leadership and both Gadje (non-Romani) and Romani staff and volunteers.

 The interactive map on this website will help you find the campaign closest to you to get involved in. The resources we have made freely available are yours to use and share as widely as you can. The competitions we are organising will be your opportunity to declare how proud you are of your Romani identity.

  • The international partners in the campaign are the Open Society Roma Initiatives Office (RIO), European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC), Roma Education Fund (REF), and the Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (REDI).
  • The National advocacy partners are Aresel (Romania), Avaja (North Macedonia), Kethane (Italy), Roma Standing Conference (Bulgaria), Opre Roma Srbija (Serbia), Opre Roma (Slovakia), and OPRE ROMA Kosovo (Kosovo).
  • The Roma Media Partners are Roma News Portal (France), EU Roma Press portal, TV Roma EU (Germany), Roma Integration Zentrum (Germany).