‘PROUD ROMA’ out now!

We are thrilled to premiere the short film ‘Proud Roma’ written and directed by Spanish-Romani filmmaker Pablo Vega, and starring Alina Șerban and Tony Gabarry.

Inspired by the 1940 film ‘The Great Dictator’ – created by and starring Charlie Chaplin, who unbeknownst to many was of Roma origin – the short film ‘Proud Roma’ reflects the richness and diversity of the Roma nation. The film challenges dominant historical narratives and negative stereotypes of Roma while recalling the many cultural and historical contributions Roma have made to Europe over the centuries.

‘Proud Roma’ is a contemporary Roma manifesto and a tribute to Roma pride and cultural heritage.

Proud Roma
Barikane Roma
2022 | 9 min

Directed by: Pablo Vega
Written by: Pablo Vega
Production: Bosalay
Starring: Alina Serban, Tony Gabarry
Speech by: Gonzalo Montaño Peña
Cinematography: Raquel Fernández Nuñez
Music: Hacia la Libertad
Language: English with Romani subtitles

‘Proud Roma’ is produced by the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture – ERIAC in the framework of the Proud Roma Free Europe campaign.

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