Tajsa Roma Cultural Heritage Prize 2021 winner announced

The Tajsa Roma Cultural Heritage Prize 2021 was awarded to actress, journalist and fashion designer Zita Moldovan from Romania. We congratulate her and finalists Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, Selma Selman, Sami Mustafa, and George Vasilescu for this great honor!

The prize was launched in 2019 by the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC).

Embodying the ERIAC founding principles, the Tajsa Prize honors a Roma individual who – by drawing from Roma cultural heritage – enriches the Roma arts and culture scene as well as shapes and reinvents forms of Roma cultural expressions for the next generation.

The Tajsa Roma Cultural Heritage Prize 2021 Ceremony took place on December 10 at the National Theatre in Belgrade, featuring a selection of world-renowned Roma musicians including Pretty Loud, The Pillers, Nataša Tasić Knežević, Sandro Roy & Landsberger Trio, Riah Knight, and Silvija Nesić and Aleksandra Aleksandrović, with a special laudatio by Sonja Licht.

Watch the full ceremony here.