The Roma flag in the American University in Bulgaria

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For the very first time the Roma flag was hoisted at the Student Center at the American University in Bulgaria due the Roma students Mihail Mishev and Elvira Sashova, both members of Roma Standing Conference. The flag in the area where students and professors mainly spend their day was there for a week. Additionally the two students succeeded to hoisted the Roma flag in the main building of the university where the flags of all countries in the world are. Our flag will be there permanently.

The university administration is extremely open and supportive. We agreed for the next year to start the preparation earlier, as on April 8 Roma banners will be hung all over the campus, the Student Center will be lit in the colors of our flag, we will have the opportunity to have open discussions / lectures throughout the day.

“We have already started discussing with other Roma and foreign students the idea of ​​creating a club at the university to engage in various initiatives around our community.” – says Mihail Mishev