Say It Loud, I’m Roma and Proud

In 1971, Romani activists from across Europe gathered in London to set a nation free. After 500 years of persecution, enslavement, genocide and exclusion, on April 8th 1971 they created a flag, anthem and transnational identity for Europe’s 12 million Roma (sometimes referred to as Gypsies). 50 years later much has changed, but sadly too much of the hatred and stigma that afflicts our lives remains. In honour of those ancestors who have come before us, and those yet to be born, we will dedicate 2021 to raising the voices of Europe’s forgotten nation.

The Proud Roma Free Europe campaign is about building a movement that can no longer be ignored, or assumed to be silent. Using the power of the internet and social media, together with the reach of grassroots community organisations and the pride of individual community members, we will ensure that 2021 becomes another milestone in the recognition of the Romani people.  It is time to take off the chains from our minds and hearts. It is time to set our children free so that they can be proud of who we are. It is time to pay respect to our elders and ancestors, who survived and struggled for our freedom to be who we are. As Martin Luther King said: “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that,” so we invite you to draw upon the love you have for Romani culture and identity to declare a Proud Roma Free Europe in 2021. This website will be packed with innovative ways to do that starting with 2021 Census.