Roma Sam Releases TV Spot Encouraging Roma Participation in Hungarian Census

As part of the Proud Roma, Free Europe campaign in Hungary, Roma Sam produced a TV spot encouraging Roma participation in the Hungarian census (1 October – 28 November 2022). The TV spot will be broadcast on Dikh TV – a channel with a large viewership among Hungarian Roma communities – as well as on Roma Sam and PRFE social media platforms.

The TV spot features Melinda Vajda of Roma Sam, Istvan Jakab, Melinda Jakab, Mate Kovacs Antal, Melinda Mate, and renowned musician Roby Lakatos.

The video aims to highlight Roma heritage as an integral component in the history of the Hungarian nation:

Publicly declaring our Roma origin is key to the recognition and acknowledgement of our identity, cultural values and rights as Roma

in a country whose intellectual, cultural and economic prosperity we have contributed to in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

Let us proudly declare ourselves as Roma in this year’s national census. 

Watch the video below (English captions available)