PRFE Network Marks 8th of April

On the occasion of International Roma Day, the network of Proud Roma, Free Europe organized a wide range of activities, celebrating our pride, our culture, our progress, our humanity and our determination. However, the highlight of this important day was our full solidarity with the Ukrainian Roma refugees as well as Roma citizens who are still in Ukraine. Here is an overview of the PRFE network’s activities and collaborations for April 8, 2022:

APRIL 8, 2022

  • Romania

Roma Education Fund (REF), in cooperation with Platforma Aresel, Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (REDI), and the Open Society Roma Initiatives Office (RIO) held an official event in Bucharest, dedicated to the Roma refugees from Ukraine. Representatives of the Romanian presidency, the Romanian government, the National Agency for Roma, the United States Embassy in Romania, the World Bank, and others participated in the event.
  • Kosovo

Kosovo Integration Initiative (KOSINT), organized a unique public lecture about Roma history, lectured by the distinguished Roma historian, Prof. Avdi Misini.

Opre Roma Kosovo and Roma Versitas Kosovo marked International Roma Day by organizing the TER TALKS Conference, inspired by the well-known Ted Talks series. The event focused on current policies in Kosovo aimed at the integration of the Roma minority. The event gathered important Roma and non-Roma personalities from civil society, politics, academia, and more.

  • Serbia

On the occasion of International Roma Day, ERIAC Serbia, in cooperation with Opre Roma Serbia, and Roma Integration, organized the panel discussion “Culture as Inspiration” at the ERIAC Serbia gallery. Distinguished Roma figures from academia, civil society, and audiovisual arts were part of the panel discussing their perspectives on the role of art and culture in the Roma movement. The panel discussion was followed by a live performance by the Roma band Very Naiss.

  • Hungary

1Hungary Initiative celebrated International Roma Day in Tiszabecs and dedicated this day of Roma culture, identity and togetherness to the families who fled from Ukraine and the hundreds of Roma families who are helping and hosting them, and who are true brothers and sisters helping those in need.

  • Italy 

Movimento Kethane organized a flash mob on the Piazza della Scala in Milan.

  • Bulgaria

Roma Standing Conference published a series of video interviews with aspiring young Roma.

  • North Macedonia

At a time when Roma are worried about how they will survive the economic crisis and the consequences of the war in Ukraine, AVAJA organized a meeting with state leaders and called on officials to commit to a government pledge to improve the lives of Roma people.

  • Slovakia

Vanesa Facunova of the Hrdí Rómovia na slobodnom Slovensku movement in Slovakia spoke online on April 8:

Csaba Horváth, the director of Opre Roma Slovensko participated in the opening of the new Roma leisure center in Csákháza.

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina

Roma association AKSIOM, in cooperation with OSCE Mission in Bosnia & Herzegovina, marked  International Roma Day by opening the photo exhibition “On the Margins” which captures unique angles of Roma people’s daily life.

  • Germany

The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture – ERIAC opened its exhibition G O S S I P S which hosts three young and upcoming Roma artists Luna De Rosa, Dariya Kanti and Nataliia Tomenko. Former artist in residence for ERIAC, Nataliia Tomenko, from Kremenchuk, Ukraine, and currently living and working in Vienna, Austria gave a powerful opening speech.