Remembering history to ensure a brighter future

Celebrate International Roma Day by following online the three-day conference on “Roma Youth: Together for Emancipation and Empowerment”. The conference aims at strengthening the knowledge of Roma and Traveller history, culture and identity as a factor enhancing social inclusion and participation of Roma and Traveller young people. Join in on the celebration and witness the events, including the musical introduction by Trio Reinhardt, a youth statement on International Roma Day, a statement by JUAN DE DIOS RAMÍREZ-HEREDIA, president of Unión Romani, the “Change is Coming! Roma Youth Voices!” video, and the casting of flowers in the water streams of Strasbourg, with SNEŽANA SAMARDŽIC-MARKOVIC, Director General for Democracy, Council of Europe – streamed live on ERIAC’s Facebook page.

The conference is organised by the Youth Department and the Roma and Travellers Team of
the Council of Europe in the framework of the 
German Presidency of the Committee of
of the Council of Europe. It is prepared and implemented in co-operation with the
European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) and in close association with Ternype,
European Roma Grass Roots Organisations NetworkPhiren Amenca and the Central
Council of German Sinti and Roma