Remembering the Roma Victims of the Holocaust

Our transnational network marked this year’s Roma Holocaust Memorial Day with a series of commemorations across Europe as part of a wider initiative to raise awareness about the Roma Holocaust and fight for its recognition in the canon of European history. Remembering and honouring the memory of the Sinti and Roma victims of WWII, we are reminded of the injustices suffered by Roma – an important incentive to encourage unity and help fight ongoing racism and discrimination faced by our community today.

Roma Remember!

Aresel held commemorations in Romania, including at a memorial in Barcea, and shared a Romstoria episode about the Roma Holocaust.


OPRE ROMA Kosovo shared a song by #JimmyMustafaBand entitled “Auschwitz”:

In Bulgaria, Roma Standing Conference and its activists prepared video messages on the occasion of the remembrance day:

Movimento Kethane held a commemorative event at a memorial in “Villaggio delle Rose” in Milan. The Italy-based Roma civic movement also held an online discussion:

ERIAC Serbia joined the #RomaRemember action this year with an art exhibition to commemorate the Roma victims of the Holocaust. The exhibition features works by Sead Kazanxhiu, Farija Mehmeti and Zoran Tairović and will be on view until 30 October at ERIAC Serbia in Belgrade.

Representatives of ERIAC Serbia, Opre Roma Serbia, REDI and the Roma Education Fund held a wreath-laying ceremony in Belgrade.

Opre Roma Serbia also published an article by Mensur Haliti highlighting the importance of remembrance as a way to strengthen Roma’s position and influence.

Hrdí Rómovia na slobodnom Slovensku prepared a short video about the Roma Holocaust and will hold a commemorative ceremony on 4 August in Zvolen, Slovakia.

AVAJA took part in a commemoration event with North Macedonia President Stevo Pendarovski, planting a tree in honour of the 500,000 Roma victims of World War II. Elvis Memeti and Elvis Shakiri also gave commemorative speeches.

Bela Racz of the 1Hungary Initiative published his reflections on the importance of this year’s Roma Holocaust remembrance – also in response to Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s recent, openly racist public speech.