Unsung Heroes

It’s Romani Resistance week here at Proud Roma Free Europe. We have a packed schedule of daily events leading up to Romani Resistance day on May 16th. From online Barvalipe talks about Roma Resistance in many countries you can attend, to the unveiling of the Roma Heroes online game this website will detail how you can celebrate and contribute to the Romani Resistance.

Centuries of Roma history in Europe are full of inspiring stories of bravery and courage, yet they often remain invisible and undocumented. Help us recover the stories of Roma Resistance so that the names of our heroes can be remembered by generations of Roma yet to come!

Through this form you can share the stories of important Roma individuals – have you heard of a Roma war hero or a partisan fighter? Is there a story of brave men and women from your community? Or a family member or a neighbour whose acts of courage inspire you in your life? Use the form below to submit your Roma Resistance hero story.