Introducing the AVAJA movement

Emil Metodiev’s portrait series ‘The Proud Roma Movements’ was launched in January this year featuring members of our transnational network: Roma Standing Conference in Bulgaria, Opre Roma Srbija in Serbia, and Aresel in Romania. We release now the video interview with Selvije Mustafi of AVAJA in North Macedonia:


founded: 2019

mission: The civic movement AVAJA is composed of three organizations: Romalitico, Romaversitas and Romano Avazi. AVAJA was founded in 2019 with the aim of influencing public policies, building the capacity of the Roma community and mobilizing the community for collective action.




how to get involved:

The Proud Roma Movements is a collaboration between the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture – ERIAC and its member Emil Metodiev, sponsored by the International Press Institute (IPI) as part of the NewsSpectrum fellowship.