‘Covid: The UnMasking’ – a short documentary film about Roma fighting Covid-19

As part of the of NewsSpectrum fellowship programme, and in collaboration with the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture, UK-based Roma filmmaker Artur Conka has developed a short documentary about Roma fighting Covid-19, featuring stories of community self-help and agency during the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected society disproportionately, creating a much heavier burden on vulnerable communities, including the Roma community. Deprived of their mobility, thousands of Roma people were stranded in a dire situation without any source of income. The movie explores the challenges, the myths, and the fears surrounding Covid among Roma in Serbia and in the UK during the lockdown. At the same time, the film aims to offer a positive perspective by uncovering stories of Roma-led efforts and initiatives to fight Covid-19 and by highlighting the important role of Roma women in their communities. 

About the creators:

Director Artur Conka was born in Slovakia to Romani parents. He made his life in the UK upon finishing his degree in documentary photography and filmmaking. Artur has been working in the field of directing for over a decade and has won international awards.

Eduardo Jed Camara is a director of photography and filmmaker from the Philippines with 10 years of experience in the UK. He is a passionate and story-driven cinematographer who has worked on feature-length films and documentaries, as well as many short-form documentaries and narrative films.

A special thanks goes to our partners in Serbia, Opre Roma Srbija, for their support throughout the entire movie production.

The project is sponsored by the International Press Institute (IPI) as part of the NewsSpectrum Fellowship programme.