The flames of Romani Resistance are burning bright!

One month ago today, we, the Roma community in Europe, came together in a transnational initiative – across borders, generations and genders – to mark the 77th anniversary of the Romani Uprising at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, widely commemorated as Romani Resistance Day.

We gathered to remember Romani Resistance fighters by symbolically lighting fires to prove that fire can heal, inspire, unify and purify; and marched – united – against the spread of far-right, nationalist and populist movements.

One month has passed, but the flames of Romani Resistance are burning bright!

In that spirit –

We call on the international community and current leadership to take all steps necessary to ensure that the 12 million Romani people living in Europe are protected.

We call on all our brothers and sisters to unite, and to demonstrate our historic resilience in the face of any threat to our communities, values and culture.

Romani Resistance Day Highlights with Romani subtitles (03:15):


Romani Resistance Day Highlights – extended cut with Romani subtitles (04:48):


With the Romani flag flying high, and our fists raised with pride, we are determined to keep the flame of Romani Resistance alive!

Read more about the transnational initiative in English here and in Romanes here.